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Turbo Folk Cover

2017-02-03 11:56:24 by Fleshbag



2016-04-03 18:22:32 by Fleshbag

Making music again. Here's a little teaser


It's a bit weird...



Jogi Pop

2015-04-06 13:29:50 by Fleshbag


New song!

2015-01-11 20:06:36 by Fleshbag

I recorded a new song. It's called "Adrift in the..."

Hope somebody will like it.


Song on YouTube:


Like me on facebook if you like it. Or don't. http://www.facebook.com/soptona


New song coming soon

2015-01-09 11:09:02 by Fleshbag

After almost a year I'm making music again. New song is almost done. I even made a generic artwork for it :)



Cigarette Box

2014-10-18 08:22:44 by Fleshbag

Playing with my Newgrounds stickers.


Celebrate! Oh yeah, alright...

2014-02-16 15:12:03 by Fleshbag

300 followers on Soundcloud!

That's nice.




2014-01-06 18:18:50 by Fleshbag


Some tappy stuff I just came up with.


Like my Facebook Page if it's not too much trouble.


I don't post much.


My Facebook Page

2013-10-30 11:19:43 by Fleshbag

I have a Facebook page.
If you like it I'll feel less empty inside.

No, I'm kidding. I'll still feel empty.

Link: Sopta (Fleshbag) Facebook page