I "released" an EP

2013-07-15 18:59:53 by Fleshbag

Hi there Newgrounds!

I uploaded a certain .rar to the internet. It's got music in it. Some people like to call it "releasing" stuff, album, ep or whatever. I'm not a label or a real band so I'm not releasing anything. I recorded a few songs in Abbey Road Studi... or was it my room? And I uploaded them somewhere on the internet and hopefully someone will listen to that entire thing.

I really started to hate all that. Internet taking the joy out of music, at least to me. Taking the joy out of listening to it and making it. I realized that I hate programmed drums, digital (dead and cold) sound of Guitar Rig and considering the song done when it's uploaded somewhere or everywhere. I want to play everything live. So I bought a new guitar, traded the old one for an amp and I started a real band.

Initially, these four songs were supposed to be a part of a full length album but with this new equipment I just can't get the same sound and I really wanted the songs to be connected. I uploaded the songs to Newgrounds as I was making them (every few months during the last year and a half).

The songs are some kind of progressive metal instrumentals. They have stylistic characteristics of metal but don't really have a "metal feel" to them. The songs are relatively short (two and a half to four and a half minutes) but every minute of music took me about a month of work. Not that it was hard, I enjoyed every minute of it.

When you download the EP you'll get a .pdf that has a different artwork for every track. All artwork was made by awesome artist named Vastus. Check his work at vastus.org
Covers are in this portrait format so someday when I release it for real it will be on a cassete tape :D

As I said all songs are on Newgrounds but you can listen to all of them on one page and download the EP with the pdf on my website.

Oh, it's called Everyday Blues EP. It doesn't have any blues on it :)

Thanks for reading, man ;)

I "released" an EP


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2013-07-24 14:33:56

Love your music man! Keep it coming!

Fleshbag responds:

Thanks man! I love yours too ;)


2013-08-04 06:37:03

Well, one thing you could do: Add each of the four songs to a playlist entitled 'Sopta - Everyday Blues'. The option to 'add to playlist', is right next to the download button on the song's page.

Fleshbag responds:

Ok, I'll do it.